With over 20 year experience in the turf industry, Interlawn are 100% dedicated to growing and supplying high quality turf to the public and trade. Based in the Vale of York, renowned for it’s unique sandy soils, we are able to produce some of the best turf available in the UK. Our success is down to careful selection of the latest grass varieties, close attention to field operations and listening to our customer feedback.

Spend just a few minutes browsing our site and you will discover that we also are much more than just a turf growing company. No matter what your lawn and turf requirements, we are here to help you!

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Lawn and Turf York

It’s not just the colour of our grass that’s green… 

At Interlawn, we are continually striving to produce your lawn turf in a way that does not cause a negative impact on the environment, whilst not compromising quality and price. Here are some of our ‘greener than green’ ideas for saving the planet!

Sourcing organic based fertlisers where possible
Recycling products and being efficient
Practicing cultural field operations
Selecting the most disease resistant grass varieties
Using local suppliers where possible

All this reduces our carbon footprint by reducing the amount of fossil fuel, fertiliser and chemicals we use. We’re also developing new‘green’ products and production methods and believe that we are leading the way in the future of sustainable turf.